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Selected Portfolio

Other projects and URL’s available upon request.

Mount Vernon Midden

Mount Vernon Midden site. Presenting artifacts excavated from the eighteenth-century South Grove Midden archaeological site

Engaging the Piedmont: Transitions in Virginia Slavery

St Mary's City

Robert Foster's Gallery of Home: Interactive installation and website at St Mary's City builds a 17th century home.

Oak Ridge Children's Museum


At Home in Appalachia: exhibit module and website based around crafts, work and an Appalachian cabin.

Poplar Forest
Poplar Forest: multiple perspectives landscape module (2007)
Installation and web-based flash module with MySQL database

Jamestown Modules
Jamestown Rediscovery (2003)
Buildings module & Artifact module Web based flash modules

To date over 35000 people have used these modules

Web site: Archaeological Society of Virginia (2008)

Old City Cemetery
Old City Cemetery: Graves Database
Web-based flash module with MySQL database

jamestown in the Atlantic
Jamestown Rediscovery: Data model for Mellon grant
In-house web-based flash module (2005)

Web site: Virginia Executive Mansion (2007)

Ohef Sholom Temple
Ohef Sholom Temple
150th year online exhibit (2008)

John White Paintings
Virginia Department of Historic Resources (2005)
John White’s paintings Web-based flash module

Townsend Archaeology
Interctive site map of the archaeological excavations at Townsend (coming soon)

Engaging the Piedmont
University of Tennessee (2011)
Engaging the Piedmont: Transitions in Virginia Slavery. Pubic and research web site exploring slavery in the Piedmont (coming soon)